Viessmann environmental policy

Our goal is to be the leading European supplier of innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions with the required temperature level
in food and beverage industry's value chain. We keep what we promise so we are a trusted partner for our customers and channels.

We aim to use suitable materials and energy efficient products and solutions to lower overall the environmental impacts. We take environmental aspects
such as energy efficiency and life-cycle analysis into account in our product development and design.

Our goal is to reduce our own environmental impacts by developing six sigma lean manufacturing operations and 5S continuous improving processes.
We follow the development of the major environmental trends and assess environmental risks related to our operations.

We consider the environmental concerns of our various interest groups and ensure functioning of the communication chain. We encourage our suppliers
and subcontractors to adopt environmental standards.

Viessmann complies with legal or other obligatory environmental requirements and provides environmental awareness training for its personnel.