Making the future of grocery retailing

Viessmann Group provides smarter retailing solutions which create new opportunities for selling groceries. Viessmann Group's success factors include lowering total life cycle costs, creation of enjoyable grocery shopping experiences and customisation for the needs of the food retailers' unique store concepts.

Low life cycle costs

Viessmann Group has a comprehensive view of its products' life cycles - from installation, energy effiency, daily running, service and maintenance operations to recycling and disposal. We aim to help our customers lowering total life cycle costs for the benefit of future generations.

Superior in-store experience

Deep understanding of our clients' business needs and market insights enable us to help retailers create an enjoyable shopping experience. Our refrigeration cabinets provide a podium for groceries, which increase their sales. Together with our customers we innovate to create solutions for the benefit of retailers and consumers alike.

Unique retail concepts

Our refrigeration solutions suit all commercial refrigeration customers' concepts. Flexibility to meet the customers' standards is our backbone. Our products can be customised to fulfil the customers' needs and differentiate their stores with unique concepts and new layout options.