TectoFreeze VF1 Luxo: Volume and technology for better business

New brands, flavours and pack sizes are constantly being launched in the frozen food segment. While good for business, continual innovation places demands on product display equipment.

Visibility and shopping experience

TectoFreeze VF1 Luxo is a cabinet that truly has it all. Designed with a superior shopping experience in mind, efficient lighting, large glass doors and optional glass end panels culminate in a complete solution with increased product visibility at its core. TectoFreeze VF1 Luxo  can be integrated with a selection of other Viessmann cabinets for a customisable, stylish and flexible solution.

Key benefits

  • Great product visibility
  • Optional glass end panels for better product visibility
  • Different cooling systems available
  • Low-energy fans for energy saving (optional)
  • LED lights for better internal illumination and energy efficiency (optional)

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TectoFreeze VF1 Luxo technical specifications

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