TectoFreeze CF1 Nardo: Freezer that combines fast moving and premium products

How to combine different product categories in a compact space?

The answer is TectoFreeze CF1 Nardo, a high-capacity freezer that combines two product categories within a modest footprint. The cabinet section is a freezer unit, ideal for premium products while the lower section island unit is available either as freezer or cooler island. Products are fully visible through the glass end panel of the island unit and the spacious, well-lit interior invites shoppers to take a closer look.

HACCP control guaranteed

TectoFreeze CF1 Nardo helps keep the most delicate products in premium condition according to the HACCP safety principles. Low-energy fans and glass lids can be chosen as options to enhance energy efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Spacious and compact sales space
  • Effective lighting and enhanced product display
  • Different cooling systems available
  • Low energy fans and glass lids as optional energy saving solutions

TectoFreeze CF1 Nardo products matching your criteria

TectoFreeze CF1 Nardo technical specifications

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