TectoDeck RI1 Intro: Easy to load and maintain roll-in multideck

Viessmann's high quality multidecks, including TectoDeck RI1 Intro, are designed to the detail. Shapes, materials and accessories are carefully thought through. There are wider air channels to improve air circulation and wider suction grid and honeycomb for more exact air curtain control.

New refrigeration solutions for extra energy saving

Roll-in multideck TectoDeck RI1 Intro is easy to load and maintain. It can be filled up using trolleys, which brings efficiency by minimizing the time staff spends refilling the shelves and guarantees that there are always products on display. Similar measurements and form of front panel unify the general appearance of all Viessmann multidecks.

Key benefits

  • Steady and solid lift up front is easy to handle and lead
  • End panels with plain surfaces and extremely large glasses
  • Wider air channels for improved air circulation
  • Low energy fans as an option for efficient energy saving
  • Different cooling systems available
  • Multiplexing option with TectoDeck MD1 Spirit Plus, TectoFreeze VF1 Luxo and TectoFreeze CF1 Nardo

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