TectoDeck SV1 Inspi: Low serving unit multideck with first class product visibility

Viessmann multidecks, including TectoDeck SV1 Inspi, are ready for today's business challenges: extended opening hours, fast growing brand selection, HACCP requirements and one stop shopping. Also sustainability is taken into account by offering several energy efficiency improving features.

Improve product visibility, energy efficiency and HACCP control

TectoDeck SV1 Inspi is a low serving unit with great product visibility. It is easy to load and maintain - just like all the other Viessmann multidecks. Sliding glass doors are available for extra energy saving and improved temperature performance guarantees HACCP control. Different cooling systems, such as R744 (CO₂), are an option.

Key benefits

  • Easily convertible to fit the space
  • Simpler roof form completes the fresh look
  • Optimized shape of suction grid
  • Removable suction grids for effortless cleaning
  • Low energy fans as an option for efficient energy saving
  • Different cooling systems available
  • Sliding doors available for extra energy saving

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