TectoDeck MD2 e-Ventus: A breakthrough multideck in energy efficiency

In any store, multideck refrigeration units use the lion's share of energy. Decreasing a multideck's power consumption will make significant savings and result in a more energy-efficient operation.

High on the list of must-haves for TectoDeck MD2 e-Ventus was energy efficiency, temperature performance and appealing product presentation. The R&D project was a success: TectoDeck MD2 e-Ventus is an open multideck with all these features and more! It reduces energy consumption by 50% compared to the average multideck. Its total life cycle costs are comparable to a multideck cabinet with doors.

Low energy consumption guaranteed by innovative e-ncore technology

The mixing of cold and warm air is minimised with the innovative e-ncore air curtain. These surpass other commercially available single and double air curtains. Combined with several other energy-saving features, e-ncore technology substantially reduces multideck energy consumption.

Key benefits

  • e-ncore technology with patented air curtain
  • Effective evaporator design
  • EC fans
  • Energy-efficient night curtain
  • Improved insulation
  • High evaporating temperature
  • Removable honeycomb
  • Maintenance-friendly back wall panels
  • Easy evaporator access for maintenance

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