TectoDeck SV2: Reliable high performer

TectoDeck SV2 is a new space-efficient semi-vertical multideck delivering a number of customer benefits. TectoDeck SV2 delivers significantly more product volume for the same footprint compared to previous semi-verticals. A new roof design delivers improved product visibility making shopping convenient for the consumers. Viessmann's new unique evaporator design delivers high performance even in the toughest of conditions. These are just some of the benefits making TectoDeck SV2 the ideal solution for mid-floor merchandising.

Key benefits

  • New roof design for larger display area
  • More product volume for same floor space
  • High product visibility with single doors
  • One more shelf row, more space for products
  • Integrated piping for easy installation
  • New bottom part insulation for minimised condensation and improved energy efficiency

TectoDeck SV2 products matching your criteria

TectoDeck SV2 technical specifications

SV2 30-150
SV2 30-165
Standard equipment