TectoServe SL2: Versatile service line for maximum product visibility and effortless usage

TectoServe SL 2 cabinets - more space for products, more options for store layout design

Complete cabinet line with a unique look

The TectoServe SL 2 range consist of serve overs and semivertical cabinets of the same unique design. For the serve-overs there are two different glasing units available both for service and self service. The counter models are available for many types of food products from meat and cheese to fish, including also a hot counter. The semiverticals have three different cabinet heights.

The high number of models allow stores to make complete lines of different types of counters with a unique look. This also creates new possibilities for store layout planning.

More products on display

The internal dimensions of TectoServe SL2 serve-over counter are designed to meet the needs of the retail. The cabinet depth of 845mm and the loading height of 200mm creates more space for the products on display. The three different heights of the semivertical improve the product display possibilities even further. Added with the accessories available store can create a versatile product display.

Ease of cleaning

TectoServe SL 2 has part that are easy to remove for cleaning. Suction grid can be removed without tools. The electrical box is located right behind the front plinth plate and can be pulled out for cleaning and maintenance. Interior is made of stainless steel to keep the hygiene level high.

Key benefits

  • Excellent product visibility
  • Easy cleaning with easy-to-remove parts
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Optional night cover for serve-overs
  • Wide range of models

TectoServe SL2 products matching your criteria

TectoServe SL2 technical specifications

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